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If your looking for a powerful yet safe wheel cleaner then Vortex is just what you need.

Vortex is an acid free alkaline based wheel  cleaning gel.


Its thick gel based formula helps it cling to the surface to prolong its cleaning time and helping to breakdown road grime.


Its powerful formula will not just help breakdown and loosen dirt but also remove it.


Even though it can be applied and then removed for touchless results it is best used in conjunction with a detailing brush.


TOP TIP – Vortex is also an incredible tyre cleaner. Its concentrated formula can be used neat however it is also dilutable.


Features & Benefits

  • Gel based formula for extra cling.
  • Safe for most wheel finishes 
  • Non acidic
  • Powerful cleaning power
  • Dilutable

Vortex Wheel Cleaner 500ml

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