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Definition of a front splitter - Front splitters are essential aerodynamic components that serve to balance the front vs. rear distribution of downforce. A splitter is typically found on the front-end of a race car, appearing as a flat extension to the very bottom of the front bumper


Our MK7 GTI V2 front splitter, Specifically styled design that follows the curves of the front bumper. The V2 Splitter more suited to the lowered GTI's as it sit's higher than the V1 splitter. The V2 covers the existing plastic trims on the bumper to sit level with the original GTI plastic side skirt trims.
The V1 front splitter sits lower and will sit level with our low line kit.

This product is manufactured utilising time proven composite technology.

This splitter is supplied as pictured in a gloss black gell coat, along with a comprehensive stainless steel fixing kit, Branded with our TRC gel badge, ready to fit.

Need help fitting?
We have a fitting guide page that talks you through the fitting steps or for a more personal approach you can book an appointment online here.

PLEASE NOTE - The longest bolt found within the fixing kit NEEDS to be drilled through the metal bracket behind the bumper to secure this splitter.

To protect our designs this product has been registered with the Intellectual Property Office - Registered design number - 6038655

Volkswagen Golf MK7 GTI/GTD V2 Front Splitter

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