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Manufactured from fibreglass and supplied as pictured in a gloss black gell coat.

This diffuser fits into place and requires the use of the two original fixings.

This product may require some trimming / sanding to ensure the perfect fit and we advise for the perfect finish to have the product sprayed gloss black.

Fitting guidance
1 - Make sure the clips are sanded down to a thickness of around 4mm max
2 - Lube up the clip area on the cars bumper, all the way around the clip section (WD40)
3 - Take a blunt screw driver or such like to the clip section on the bumper and prise open the clips holes (don’t worry they shouldn’t break, the plastic clip section on the bumper will form its original shape once you have fitted the diffuser) Doing this will help the clips slotting in as they are bigger than the original clips
4- Start from one end of the diffuser, you will notice once a few clips are in it will become a bit tougher, as you get to the tight/tougher area of the diffuser you’ll need a hand pushing from behind the bumper and the other pushing against the diffuser, forcing the diffuser into the bumper5- If the clips look like are not lining up, lift the diffuser upwards whilst still pushing against the bumper.You may need to repeat step
5 for all the clips across the top seciton of the diffuser, the more clips you get in the easier it becomes and it should end up in place towards the last few clips.
Please try to ignore the fact it looks like it doesn’t fit.. It does

We understand these diffusers can be harder to fit than most of our products so please get in touch if any help fitting is required? We are more than happy to fit these for you

Ford Focus MK2.5 ST225 Rear Finned Diffuser

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