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Dark Ghost Range

Finally, more of our Dark Ghost range is coming soon! We have the BMW M4 F82 Kit on the way, this one has taken a little longer than expected despite it being the first car we started with for Dark Ghost. Jamie's (Officially Gassed) Audi RS5 Dark Ghost products took over so we put all the other products on the back burner to make sure Jamie's products were completed in good time! As you now know we have the RS5 Kit available, Front Splitter, Skirt splitters, rear spats and the Canards, We have had mixed reviews on the canards but in person they really do look insane!

We also have the BMW M2 Competition kit coming very soon. We have a front splitter, skirt splitters, rear corner spats and a rear centre blade on its way..

Back to the M4 F82 products coming in very soon, We originally designed a HUGE upswept front splitter.

As much as we love it, it may not be to everyones taste so we've developed another option. However if your M4 is on Air ride then the upswept splitter will look Savage! ( so get in touch ) We also have two variant of ducktails coming out for the M4, skirt splitters, Corner spats and a centre diffuser. The Diffuser is not your average replacement part this time round, so keep your eyes peeled for ours.

We have also designed a full kit for the Audi R8 Gen 2, This one looks sooo good! The front splitter completely beasts up the R8's front end and we cannot wait for this one to kit the market, We have 3D printed all the parts and it has been approved, now mass production, Hold tight R8 gen 2's we are coming....

We have a couple more cars scanned for Dark Ghost such as Audi RS4 B9 once we found out the RS5 splitter fit the RS4 it made sense to complete a kit and a while ago we scanned the Porsche Cayman GT4, which we are currently in two minds on what we want for this car... Stay tuned and follow our Dark Ghost instagram @darkghostdevelopments

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It's great to hear that more products from the Dark Ghost range are on the way, including the BMW M4 F82 Kit. It's understandable that Jamie's Audi RS5 took precedence, but now you're back on track with the M4 products. The variety of options for different car models, like the Audi R8 Gen 2 and Audi RS4 B9, is exciting. We're looking forward to seeing these products in the market. Keep up the good work!

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