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Mercedes A45 AMG Splitter Kit Development



Seeing as the Mercedes A45 is becoming more affordable and a popular hot hatch to modify, we thought we'd design the hottest splitter kit to complement the car. The splitter kit we have designed is for the non Aero pack A45 which in our eyes just needs that aggression on the front end. I think we have nailed it... This kit has been CAD designed for maximum precision and 3D printed to check the design & fit on the A45 itself. Here's the sneak peak with the 3D printed prototypes in place


Side skirt splitter prototypes

The design we have gone for with this kit is a bit different compared to our other products available, as we have included side fins in the moulded part rather than have them as an additional product. This kit has now been put into production and should be available later this year. For updates on this and future products feel free to subscribe to our mailing list. And yes, we have started development on the A35 AMG already...

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Lillie Fishel
Lillie Fishel
Nov 13, 2023

That sounds like a great idea! Designing a splitter kit for the Mercedes A45 could really enhance its aesthetic appeal and performance. Given its increasing popularity as a hot hatch to modify, your kit could provide car enthusiasts with the additional customization they desire. Furthermore, with the A45 becoming more affordable, there's likely an expanding market of owners looking to personalize their cars. Your splitter kit could be just what they need to make their vehicle stand out.

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